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A broad selection of videos on the topic of Empathy, Energy & Emotions & ways in which to harness Empathy & Empowered Living

When I first started writing about empathy nearly 2 decades ago, there were no videos, extremely limited articles and even fewer books available on the topic.  Today there is much information available.  It is heartwarming to watch these videos that are constantly popping up and sometimes see speakers quote my original writings, especially 30 Traits of an Empath and/or Characteristics of an Empath which forms part of the very first articles I wrote – The Empath Reports 101.  We need to keep learning, sharing and teaching everything we can about Empathy, for no matter who delivers it,  we can all play a role in having empathy for each other and ensuring generations to come will eventually live their lives embracing innate empathy as natural as breathing, where we nurture love, compassion, respect and humility towards each other and where heaven really is a place on earth – we have a ways to go though we are making great strides today.

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