Sensing People from a Distance

By Christel Broederlow

Q. Is it possible to sense someone’s emotional energy that you hold a close relationship with that lives a great distance away?

It is possible to pick up on others emotions especially when there is a close connection. The very word ‘connection’ is similar to being plugged in to a power point, an electrical socket except your plugged into their energy field be it thought, emotion or a combination. It’s not necessary to have regular contact, a close person can be thinking about you and that frequency is sent out to you that alone can make the connection take place.

One certainly does not need to have any other tangible connection to do so. Like knowing when the phone rings who it is prior to answering. It doesn’t have to be a person one knows either; it could be an event that has occurred on the other side of the world such as a political climatic change or a natural occurrence, a planetary shift of sorts.

Projection is being conscious with intent. Knowing that you are putting out a means to connect to another with thought is much more obvious than emotional energy which can be subtle and more foreign unless one has acute awareness of emotional energy.

Such as the energy of love, we can omit this energy and may not even be aware of doing so, whereas happiness tends to have a more expandable energy that consumes our physical self and attunes to our thought self – our awareness is alerted to feeling the sense of happiness. Anger or frustration is similar energy that we tend to know.

So unless you are conscious of projecting than it is. Yet that projection means very little if anything at all if the receiver is not attuned empathically.

There is nothing more crippling than one so close being angry with you and even worse not being able to bring that peace between you both especially when it may not be of your initial choice. It’s vital to not get caught up in the moment (or series of moments) that initiated the breakdown and building upon it in your mind as that only feeds the kind of energy into it that both could do without and to keep the focus around a potentially peaceful and gentle resolution.  Sometimes it is in the hardest most challenging experiences that the greatest lessons come through.

Christel Broederlow

© 2014 The Universal Empath 101

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