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Christel Milford Sound
Christel Milford Sound

Christel Broederlow is a natural born empath and author of numerous articles about empathy through personal experience and continual research. Born and raised in Aotearoa (New Zealand) Christel descends from the Ngati Paoa & Ngati Maniapoto/Tainui Iwi (tribes indigenous to NZ) from her mother’s side and German/Polish from her father, she has been living on the Gold Coast of Australia with her family since 1997.

The Universal Empath 101 was founded in 1998 to provide understanding towards this highly misunderstood innate ability and to provide a platform towards the ongoing research and development of empathy. This website is based on real life and personal experiences of one who lives with empathy every day.

The popular and widely distributed articles written by Christel titled ‘The Empath Report 101′ and ’30 Traits of An Empathy’ which became the entry point to The Universal Empath 101 and hub to what would quickly become one of the fastest growing informative websites in regards to the topic on empathy. They continue to be two of the most well read articles on the topic and featured on world renown websites, social media platforms, e-zines, newsletters and referenced in numerous published books.

Christel has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life both online & offline in the understanding & development of empathy and continues to inspire and bring understanding to many. Her research involves nearly two decades of extensive study and observations involving the mechanics and application of empathy and how it affects every relationship we have and will ever have and also includes how emotional and thought energy effects our day to day life’s through the decisions we make, many of which are made unconsciously.

Over the years her voluntary work has evolved in and around the Australian and New Zealand communities as a strong and tireless advocate in highlighting issues of discrimination directly impacting NZ expatriates, providing referrals and ongoing support to an extensive network. Her work has involved public relations with media, governance, varying organisations including the Queensland Police Association and has successful founded/co-founded several organisations.

Her work included establishing and/or supporting many fundraising projects, promotional campaigns and events for organisations, high profile musicians/artists in the entertainment industry, businesses and other projects. She single handily highlighted the plea of disaster relief victims and organised aid through a national operation and was pivotal in bringing about legislative changes.

On a professional level Christel’s entrepreneurial skills have allowed her to explore the exciting world of business and has owned and operated several small businesses since her early 20’s and through to this present day. She continues her role as business manager for a thriving residential and commercial drafting business in partnership with her husband Kevin. Christel holds diploma’s in business management, marketing management and human resource management and certification in varying natural healing modalities.

Together Christel and Kevin (childhood sweethearts) have raised their four adult sons Caleb, Kevin Junior and twins Ethan and Carlisle with empathy at the helm which is clearly evident in their family. They share their happy abode with Chi-Chi (Maltese/Shiatsu), Alika-Aurora (Siberian Husky) and 3 rescue kitty’s Nate-lee, Queen Knalah & Marley. In her spare time she loves to whisk up delectable delights in her kitchen and hosting gatherings with family and friends, making traditional herbal remedies with a keen interest in natural healing, photography, travel and spending quality time with her five gorgeous guys, family & friends.

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