Examples of Empathy

By Christel Broederlow

(Please NOTE: Not all fit the descriptions below as each person has unique strengths and weaknesses in certain areas, just as all people. Some of the examples given below may apply, while others may not. This is a guide only).

The following are only a few of the many possibilities that exist:

  • A friend is telling you of a situation with another friend, yet trying to make light of it. You just “know” it’s affecting them far more deeply and you make a subtle comment. You may even be quite descriptive. Your friend turns around and says, “How did you know that’s how I was really feeling?!” (Note this is a frequent, rather than one-time, occurrence.)
  • A young child is playing at the local park a few houses away. He falls over and cuts open his knee. His mother, at home, gets a “gut” feeling and drops what she’s doing to go “check-in” on her youngster only to find her child crying his eyes out and cradling his injury.
  • A mother is in a much-needed, deep sleep and manages to squeeze in a couple of hours throughout the night. She awakes without obvious interruption to go “check-in” on her baby, who is stirring awake. (Again, this is a frequent, rather than a one-time, occurrence.)
  • A woman is feeling happy, relaxed, and has had a great day. Her partner comes home from work, grumbling the moment he walks in the door about how stressful the boss was and the pressure that was placed upon him. Within an instant, the woman is grumbling back.
  • A young man is talking with a girlfriend about something that is of concern and the girlfriend’s lack of interest starts to show in her becoming irritated with the conversation. In return, the young man picks up the irritation and shows it openly.
  • A parent senses that a teenager has had a rough patch with new boyfriend and is feeling down. The parent openly talks to her with obvious concern and understanding. In turn, the teen opens up and feels much better!
  • A child walks into a house and instantly feels a chill in the air, disharmony or as though something unpleasant has occurred at some point in time in the house.
  • The family is going to visit someone, and prior to arriving, the oldest son suddenly feels anxious for no apparent reason. Upon arriving at the destination, the family finds out that someone has just had a heated argument.
  • A young boy finds that he “knows” or senses bad news before it arrives. He has “felt” the illness, injury or death of a loved one. Some of these loved ones live thousands of miles away.
  • A woman is thinking of someone just as the telephone rings and guess who it is?
  • A father has a strong feeling of prevailing danger. Later that afternoon, his son is involved in an automobile accident.
  • A teen is particularly good at problem solving with mechanical devices, even though he doesn’t know precisely how they are made.
  • A teacher is particularly good at problem solving in many areas and has the ability to “look” deeper and find creative solutions.
  • A fisherman is “sensitive” to weather and knows when a storm comes. He gets a tingling sensation running through his chest that always precedes stormy weather.
  • A medical intuitive has the ability to sense illness/disease in others. She can “read” deeply and find cause of the illness or disease.
  • A woman walks by a stranger in a mall and feels an intense weight and feels like she is being lost in a fog. As soon as the person leaves, so too does the energetic vibration, weight and confusion.
  • A man awakes in the night and feels as if his recently departed wife is standing beside his bed.
  • A hiker has a strong sense of direction and a natural ability to navigate, in the car, walking etc. Even under the canopy of a dense forest, he is able to find his way.

Copyright © 1998 Christel Broederlow

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