Telepathy – Reading Peoples Minds

We Read Peoples Mind’s More Often Than Not

By Christel Broederlow

Yes, it’s true, many of us read people’s minds on a regular basis without even realizing we are doing so.  The closer the relationship the more frequent it occurs, it’s called Telepathy.

It is when we know what is happening that a whole host of ethics and integrity come to play.  If you know you tend to, ‘read peoples minds’, then practice makes for perfection in learning to control that.  There are times when it is expected and permitted, i.e. going to a Psychic or Clairvoyant to get a ‘reading’, they may use tools such as tarot cards, or they may just straight out, ‘read your mind’, to gather what it is you want to know.  In close relationships, partners or close friends will often say to one another, ‘you just read my mind!’

Integrity with any ability is important. If we all had diaries with our innermost deepest thoughts expressed within its pages would we be so willing to leave our diary on the table to bare all to anyone? No, we wouldn’t, we would guard that diary with our lives and expect others to respect our privacy, so can be said about our thoughts and emotions and how empathy and telepathy can be harnessed, shared and interacted with others.

We then value a mutual exchange between others when permission is granted and that doesn’t necessarily mean being verbally said but expressed in some way that is apparent.  It is than that we become of service to others with respect and integrity as a driving force behind empathy.

We are all here to experience life and the journey that unfolds, and each lesson brings with it opportunities to evolve in our consciousness and being, which is ultimately our choice whether we do so or not (learn), others may come along and shed clarity, light, love, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, friendship, honesty, truth, hope, encouragement etc. but it is not anyone’s (least the empaths) place to take that experience that originated from another to self, that then becomes a disservice to that person and likewise to self.

We each have our own unique journey, our lifeprint, like our unique fingerprints in which to learn and grow from.

Being conscious of what is occurring takes practice and discipline and starts by simply acknowledging and stating within one’s own mind, ‘that is their stuff, this is mine’.  Appreciating that the only thing you may need to do, is to just ‘be there’, and allowing a person to share and truly feel heard is a powerful form of healing through the power of empathy.  While acknowledging our service with empathy is not to feel we must fix their stuff, but respect it is their choice to do so.

We in truth have plenty to learn from in our own lifeprint without feeling it is our duty to take onboard others. Our mutual respect becomes unspoken but sensed with gratitude.

Copyright © 2017 Christel Broederlow

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