Inherent within our DNA


EMPATHY IS INNATE; it is inherent within our DNA and is naturally of us as we are born with empathy. Many factors can determine the level of development, from whom we descend (our family tree) to how we are nurtured and raised, the culture and traditions imparted to us, education, society, communities and even the country we live in and the people who influence us throughout our lifetime such as our family, friends, colleagues and even strangers, any or all of which or whom can have some bearing on how our empathy develops (or not).

Almost every relationship can be altered or enhanced through empathy and is determined by the level of understanding and awareness to what exactly is going on and just as many relationships can suffer when empathy is misunderstood and its true teachings aren’t harnessed.  In these moderns times where increasing demands are placed upon us, very few (people) will be raised from birth and throughout with the knowledge of empathy being passed down, nor is it part of the curriculum in the majority of schools (bar a select few globally), or in general.  And yet in some indigenous cultures empathy is a natural part of life and is as evidently strong as it is today as it was hundreds of years ago.

Being an empath doesn’t however guarantee that one has a great understanding of how empathy actually works, it can be quite the contrary and life can bring numerous hurdles in which to overcome especially where one is considered to be ‘highly sensitive’, or overly emotional.  An empath can take on-board the emotions of others without being conscious of doing so and mixed with their own emotions, life can become extremely confusing, overwhelming and burdensome (weighted down with emotions), it can lead to withdrawal, anxiety and addictions and be the catalyst in manifesting illnesses, diseases and mental and emotional disorders.  Learning how to harness ones empathy and the perception towards this is life-changing, liberating, healing and empowering. 

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