Electronic Hypersensitivity

By Christel Broederlow

Please note:  If you recognize any of these symptoms, please consult your Physician and/or Health Professional if you have any concerns. These are my personal observations and are not factual evidence linking electrical/electronic hypersensitivity to being empathic.  What may occur in one empath can be completely unseen in another.  Circumstances vary from person to person, place to place. There has been much research done on electrical/electronic sensitivity as it applies to human beings and animals in general.

The understanding I have personally gained in researching Electrical/Electronic Hypersensitivities has helped me tremendously.  I have learned what causes my body to react to the electrical/electronic equipment and to appreciate how I will respond prior to, during and after each interaction, as well as what methods I can use immediately in making it more bearable/tolerable.

The hypersensitivities I experience are not one-time occurrences.  They are a regular day-to-day part of my life though extreme and unusual to most.  In a nutshell, many empaths don’t experience to the degree that I do and vice versa.  Common sense and your personal observations of yourself are of the utmost importance, as well as regular contact with your health professional.


I have long been sensitive to the frequencies that flow from electrical/electronic devices, machinery, and equipment.  My physical body is affected by the frequencies generated by electronic devices and the effects are very significant and documented.  (See Journal Experience below.)  With research, I found that it was the exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) that appeared to be the basis for my sensitivity.   I have found that as I grow, so does the way in which I respond.  My physical response can be one of a pressure build-up in the head, a burning sensation on the brain, fatigue, anxiety and/or stress depending upon the amount of energetic output.

The most significant personal electrical/electronic hypersensitivity I experience involves flying.  While some of the symptoms could be attributed to my sensitivity as an empath to the number of people on board, I have found that the aircraft itself has a tremendous effect on me.  I have since come across scientific evidence that linked an imbalance of electromagnetic fields in frequent flyers, the links to the electronics of the craft, the confined space and the pressurized cabins of the craft that all have potential effects.

My personal experience shows me that the size of the craft does make a difference to how my physical body reacts.  A 737 has a notable difference to a 747 Jumbo.  With a smaller craft, I experience anxiety.  It is almost a phobic like reaction:  sweaty palms, anxiousness to nervousness, restlessness, irrational thoughts, shortness of breath, hot and cold sweats, loss of appetite, and nausea.  The larger the craft, the larger the engine, and the more intense the anxiety becomes.  My physical response to the environment triggers the chemical adrenalin to release into my system.

It is of note that before my early 20’s I had a love for flying and dreamt of being an Air Hostess, (Flight Attendant today).   Much to my surprise, and to all those who knew me, this particular sensitivity moved in at that time, making it paramount for me to understand my sudden over-reaction.  I pursued every possible aspect and/or relative cause. The symptoms prompted a 12-year observation.  Consultation with my family doctor, along with medication and awareness of the cause, helped to pinpoint and control my symptoms to a degree.

Just as I am sensitive to planes, I have found myself aware of other areas of electrical/electronic sensitivity—computers, cars and regular household appliances being among them.

Sitting in front of my computer, my bodily response is one of a gentle internal humming, as though I am part of the computer’s electronic make-up.  I noticed that each time I would turn the computer off to retire for the night; I felt my body react similarly as though part of me was now being switched off.  The humming would quickly and completely subside within seconds.  It is a common experience among empaths to have heightened senses through emails, and in online forums/message boards and chats.  Empathy occurs just as strongly through the communication of computerised technology.   Some empaths are heavily affected by the emotions and thought energy transferred through the electromagnetic’s of technology.

My sensitivity to cars is connected to the power behind the acceleration and increased engine reaction.  The faster the car goes, the faster my own heartbeat races!  At one stage in my life, I believe I had subconsciously connected speed to my physical and mental reaction, which in turn triggered an emotional response.

I could sense (without visual and obvious cues) other cars picking up speed. Through that I am also able to identify when a car is about to go over the speed limit!  The more hi-powered the vehicle, the more reactive I would be.  Not only did I have to contend with being in a vehicle, but also with ALL the other vehicles driving on the roads around me.  Signs of anxiety like symptoms again appear. Energy, energy everywhere and here I am highly susceptible to receive it all!

I have noticed that when I was driving, I wouldn’t be so heavily affected!  My focus was intently on driving and kept me too preoccupied to flow with the energy of other cars.  This was most interesting, and, as one can imagine, I prefer to drive as it assures a more pleasant trip.

It is ironic that two things that I have loved since childhood (planes and cars) were now the two items of an electrical/electronic nature that would affect me most?  My personal electrical/electronic hypersensitivities are vast, and, considering the ever-increasing technological world, demanding on us all.  Yet being responsive and aware of electromagnetic fields as I am, my sensitivities are even more apparent.  My ability to tune-in to all forms of energy bring an appreciation of just how connected we are.


Reducing the EMF’s around ones home can be done in varying ways.  Switching off all electrical appliances that are not needed over night is not enough, as EMF’s in smaller quantities are still being emitted.  Switch off and pull the plug out of the socket completely has the most effective result, as well as cutting down the cost of the overall power bill.  Using a battery in an alarm clock and keeping the clock as far away from ones head as possible.  Removing an electric blanket completely off the bed and using a hot water bottle eliminates EMF’s running directly into the body while sleeping.  Ensure the head of the bed is not up against a wall, or behind a wall that uses a power socket.  Using the intercom on the telephone rather than holding the handpiece directly up to the ear.  Installing a filter on the computer monitor.

Just as I am sensitive to sources of electromagnetic fields in planes and cars, I am aware of household appliances and other electrically fed devices.  I have included an edited section of my journal describing the effects.

Journal Experience

May 2001 Observed an increase in hypersensitivities towards electronic equipment, more likely an awareness to note what does have physical effects on me directly and how to minimize such.

We have a few extra appliances around, more than normal, and each room is creating a “buzz” of sorts, depending on the equipment or appliance.  There is a varying, yet significant, feeling being emitted.

My mind has been ultra alert, and the sensations are well, “normal” for this kid.  However, they are increasing. So, I thought that it could be connected to electrical appliances and by chance I could prove this theory when I was standing beside the microwave oven.   Sure enough, my head started to feel pressurized.  So much so, that I put my hands to my head–an “ouch” moment.  The pressure feeling became a burning sensation, like a hot pin or rod being placed into my brain.

I had felt fine, just moments before and had thought, “hmm, what’s up here?”  I had looked at the microwave oven and had thought, “I wonder?”  So I stopped it, and sure enough the sensation quickly subsided. I turned it back on and there was an immediate return of the sensation.   It got to the point where I could detect whether a microwave oven was being used in the house, regardless if I were on the other side of the house.  We have since replaced that particular microwave oven with a lower wattage oven, which has helped considerably lower the effects I once experienced.

I walk down the hallway and again feel the pressure mounting.  Then it stops and “AHA!” my boys’ new electric guitars, three of them going simultaneously with each plugged into their amplifiers penetrating the walls as though they are paper-thin.  Whammy, Mum gets one right in the head.  I asked my sons to put headphones on just to tone down the amplification.  It mattered not, because I was still able to detect them playing even without physical sound!

Certain Techno or Hip Hop music that my sons play also creates a similar sensation.  Continuous playing of that type of music can leave me feeling very nauseous.  It starts from the head and works its way down into my body.  I experience a loss of appetite and concentration as well.   I can only tolerate so much and the end result is asking my obliging sons to turn it off or put on headphones—and I must move to a different room.

I have come to learn to distinguish what I can tolerate without adverse effects and make adjustments.

Learning to cope with the symptoms of electrical/electronic sensitivity is possible.  I have found that the most helpful ways of dealing with them include always seeking medical advice, learning to understand what is occurring, learning to focus on other areas (Not while driving!), and learning about energy.

Copyright © 2002 Christel Broederlow
Edited Annie Bush M.A. 2002

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