Understanding Empathy

Understanding Empathy, being highly sensitive really can knock an empath sideways, understanding the emotional energy you have is crucial, it’s not just about how you feel towards any given experience but what exactly is the emotion? Name it, describe it, acknowledge it, go into its wisdom and confront it.

We feel so much energy, and the majority of what we feel starts from emotional energy, sometimes we can name it, i.e. “I feel sad!”, but what does sadness actually feel like?  How often do we stop for a moment and go into that sadness and allow it to communicate to us more deeply what it is all about?  All too often we fear that which we feel, we will instead make a conscious choice to ignore it, sweep it under the carpet and by doing so we don’t acknowledge it, and in turn, don’t acknowledge ourselves.

The result is that that specific emotion will keep reoccurring through other experiences simply because we have not gone into it and acknowledged its energy (by describing it) and allowing it to come to pass.  We unconsciously hold onto it and put it in the repeat basket.

Through acknowledging each and every emotion and it’s energy it lessons in intensity, the energy no longer draws us to it, nor can it hold us with such impact and dominance. We will still feel it but without being entangled.

As empaths, until we do this, we will be drawn to helping others who have in essence experienced the same energy (repeatedly) and feel a resonance with them, even to the point of feeling a quiet obligation to continuously help them. We really are not of service to them/others as we’d like to believe or think because we have not been of service to ourselves first and foremost and here is where we become entangled in ‘their stuff’, and inadvertently and in part, it will become our stuff.

There emotional energy adds to our own, amplifying that which we feel, and is often why people who are of service to others find they become overwhelmed, drained and need to frequently ground themselves, and/or take time out until they serve the next person and again amplify that which they feel, this can go on for many years.

Emotional energy doesn’t just stay lingering, nor will it disappear, the energy of it will be added too by the thoughts you then go on to feed it with.  Our experiences will not remain as it occurred, it will be played over and over in the mind, with thought energy adding to it and increasing the intensity of it.  Its remarkable how one experience will be built into a myriad of potential outcomes in the mind, through thought building. 

As though you suddenly became the Director of that movie and are rewriting each scene through varying scenario’s and they may not always be good thoughtful outcomes. If anything quite the opposite and then they can make you feel anxious, stressed and even feeling very down.  Our mind will do whatever we want and can truly build a mountain out of a molehill if we allow it too, to the stage that the initial experience is made into something it was never intended to be, all by our aptly and willing thoughts our perception can shift significantly, potentially become clouded over.

Every emotion brings forth valid teachings, we are not taught to validate that which we feel, hence why we often struggle to talk about it in-depth, we may be able to talk about the initial experience that the emotion spawned from, but not the actual emotion for what it conjures up – energy! 

What type of energy is that sadness bringing forth, how does it make you feel, describe it, confront it and acknowledge it and in truth, you are acknowledging you, no one else is worthy of knowing exactly how you feel bar you!  Your giving yourself permission to release the energy and liberates you in doing so, and allows new emotional energy to come forth, so that you may continually evolve to experiencing higher frequency energy, as is intended.

Written by
Christel Leilani Broederlow
07 January 2019

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