Respond VS React Vibrational Energy Empathy Relationships

Respond VS React Vibrational Energy Empathy Relationships.  Throughout our lifetime we have continuous experiences that shape and shift our personality, perception and existence, that help us to evolve or dictate the journey ahead and how we will respond or react, yes they are both distinctly different from the other.

A response is triggered by a thought, a thoughtful thought before we say or do anything, where as a reaction, is generally done without giving any thought to what we are about to say or do, the latter can get us into trouble and it is often where the old, ‘foot in mouth,’ occurs and then we’re the echo in our head rolls out, ‘you should always think before you speak!’  To be aware of responding takes practice and it does pay off.

Thoughtful thought is considerate, even meaningful and leads to an equally considerate response which can help keep the lines of communication flowing, it is a gentle exchange of energy that is mutually given and received.

Reaction has far more energy in it, to the point it can be quite intense, destructive, critical and condemning and often intentional.  It’s when the walls go up with lightning speed and we place distinct boundaries around us to protect ourselves from feeling hurt.  In arguments both parties can have their outer boundaries up to protect the mind, heart and even the physical body from harsh words that are power packed with intense energy.  The ‘battle of words’, occurs when we react to one another, it is like a ping pong game that can go on and on until someone gives up and not because the situation was sorted, but generally through frustration and/or exhaustion.

The amount of energy used in these moments is enormous and takes an incredible amount out of us and is the reason why we feel drained on all levels (mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually).  Stubbornness often plays a role in this, but more than anything, its not knowing their is another way in how to deal with each other.  Stop, listen and try not to project your energy, thoughts, feelings etc. onto each other.  Be thoughtful, think before speaking, it takes but a moment and speak from your heart, not from your head, as that is where it generally goes pear-shaped in the first instance!

“Stop, think and speak” in a way that will generate a response, the energy given will be gentle, heart-centered and the opportunities to move forward become evident.

Christel Broederlow

Copyright (c) 2014 Christel Broederlow

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