Questions about Empathy…

Where to Start?

Have you ever wondered what is empathy?
What is the difference between empathy & sympathy?
Who is an empath?
What is the world like through the eyes of an empath?
Is empathy a physical occurrence or something spiritual, or perhaps a mentality, a state of mind and/or being?
Why do some consider empathy a blessing and yet others a curse?
What affect does empathy have on a person?
Does everyone have empathy?
Why are people with empathy considered highly sensitive or emotional?

These are just examples of questions that you can find answered throughout this website starting with…

The Empath Reports 101 which have been circulating since 1998 and read several million times the world over and is referred to for education, sporting clubs, martial arts, self-empowerment and well-being seminars, to management and business training etc., as well as used as a reference in varying books and websites. Click here

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