Introduction to TUE101

Welcome to The Universal Empath 101 (TUE101)

The Universal Empath 101 website was originally created in 1998 by Christel Broederlow, the author of ‘The Empath Reports 101‘ and ‘30 Traits of An Empath‘, to shed light and understanding towards empathy and to serve as a resource for all interested. This website is universal in that Empathy is inclusive of all beliefs, cultures and of humanity and creation itself. It serves as a hub of information to help promote understanding and appreciation towards this widely misunderstood innate (natural) ability.

Empathy affects every relationship we have and will ever have, it is evident both within and all around us by how we respond or react to outside influences.  Our lives are determined by our awareness and application of empathy therefore it is crucial that we embrace its teachings wholeheartedly as the future of humanity is dependent upon us doing so.

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