Understanding Emotional and Thought Energy

By Christel Broederlow

Empathy Potential – When empathy is congruent we are and our walk is peaceful, meaningful and purposeful with clarity of intent.

When a stressful situation arises that would generally put your emotional & thought energy into overdrive who is in the driver’s seat, you or your emotion(s) and thoughts?

It takes conscious effort to ensure it is YOU in the driver’s seat.

How?  By controlling your emotional & thought energy that immediately pursues any given situation (that triggers a reaction or response of your emotions and thoughts).  It takes discipline and focus to do this as more often than not we allow an experience to implode our emotions, which we then follow hot on the tail of with thought energy, in doing so we amp up our stress levels, frustration or even fear it getting completely out of control.

When an intense situation arises that you did not initiate in any way shape or form, do not buy into it, do not get caught up in the moment.  Stop and walk away.  Every time the memory comes to the forefront STOP IT in its tracks and focus on something else that is positive like reading a book, something that distracts you from buying back into it, repeat this as often as is required until it no longer bears down on your existence.  In doing so, the bridge falls away and you’ll likely find the person no longer has power over you.  Be disciplined, take ownership of your empathy and allow it to be congruent.

© 2014 Christel Broederlow

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