10 Levels of Empath by Jerry Breen

10 Levels of Empath By Jerry Breen

General (1)
The feeling you get when walking into a room where the feeling(s) are ‘so thick in here, you could cut it with a knife.’ (Everyone has experienced this level of empathy, even those who claim to not being empath!)

Empath (1)
(a) They are hit with all sorts of feelings and emotions, but know that those emotions/feelings are not theirs. But have no idea where they are coming from SPECIFICALLY, and or are unable to identify those specifically.

(b) Over all ‘static’ feeling of emotions or are over-whelmed and consumed.
~ Do not know where it’s coming from or why.
~ Generally in 4 people or greater groups or crowds.
~ The larger the ‘group/crowd’ the more ‘over-whelmed’ feeling one would get.
~ It is possible that some ‘clinically depressed’ people MIGHT fall into this category. Because the ‘over all emotions’ of others so overwhelm, that they avoid groups of any size, because it causes ‘depression’. (These are those where there is no ‘clinical’ or ‘medical’ reason that can be found.)

Empath (2)
~ Same as EMPATH (1a & b) BUT: They can identify the emotions of the above.. HAPPY, SAD, JOY, PAIN, etc. But are unable to focus on where specifically it is coming from except one-on-one, without obvious visual clues.

Empath (3)
~ Same as Empath (2) BUT: They can identify the emotions of the above and tell where they are coming from in small crowds, without the obvious visual clues.

Empath (4)
~ Same as Empath (3) BUT: In large crowds can focus on strong emotional out put from individuals, and tell generally where it it’s coming from and focus and search it out.

Empath (5)
~ ALL THE ABOVE plus over great distances of people they love or know, and major events: earthquakes, bombings, celebrations, etc.

Empath (6)
~ ALL THE ABOVE, and be able to hone in and know WHY the feeling is there in general to slightly specific reason for the emotion.

Empath (7)
~ ALL THE ABOVE, and be able to detect if emotional or physical in nature, and why in rather specific detail.

Empath (8)
~ This is in level of ‘Psi’ abilities. All the above, and know without ‘seeing’, ‘knowing’ or observing by natural means… in very specific detail.

Empath (9)
~ All the above, and is able to focus and “scan” the person for detail or information physically, emotionally, etc. And give very specific information / detail.

Empath (10)
~ ALL the above, with great control, this person also branches into PSI abilities and is able to control to various levels thought / body and other functions in another person. Depending on the level of PSI, which is another, and deeper study and research.

These levels are NOT hard and fast levels. They are simply a break down of progression that I noticed over the years talking with various people. It is all together possible that you will find your self even between levels. It is VERY strongly possible with close friends/family/mates; you will find your self on the upper ‘levels’ with them and the lower ‘levels’ with everyone else… and even a 10 with one or two VERY CLOSE people.

Also in given situations, like women’s monthly cycles, (and guys too), or when there is very strong emotional situations around, or when sick or very excited, your ‘level’ will be all over the place, literally and technically.

The point is, this is not a ‘growth’ gage of achievement or “arrival”, “WOW, I’m finally a 10!!” …. bzzt, wrong! …. This is not an ‘arrival’ chart.

Also as with any physical abilities, be it music, art, math, cleaning house, etc… There are very likely limitations as to where you will grow and how you will develop.

The key here is to understand who you are, where you are and come to a level of comfort, control and focus AND ACCEPTANCE of your empathic nature. The Levels are simply ‘focal points of understanding’ not Focal Points of ARRIVAL. Hope this helps some.

Guide to Understanding the 10 Levels of Empath.
10 Levels of Empath
Important Note
Empath (10)
~ >ALL< the above, with great control. This person also branches into PSI abilities and is able to control to various levels thought / body and other functions in another person, Depending on the level of PSI, which is another and deeper study and research.

1st) These are not levels of Achievements. I.e. “Wow, look at me I’m finally Level 10!”

I was taken back the other night in a private IM of a gentleman thanking me so much for the post of the 10 Levels. That it was what he needed to find out where he was, (which he very straightforwardly told me he was a Level 10.)

I thought this was curious. So I stated it is very likely you are a Level 10 with your wife, but I would question if you are a consistent Level 10 with more than a couple of people at best. “Oh, no I am a very strong Level 10”, he protested. “Fine I stated, then what am I feeling at the moment?” which was a very fair question to ask a Level 10. “Well, I don’t know you! You are not here for me to meet you!” with shock that I would ask that question.

“Then”, I stated, “you do not understand what the Levels really mean. Because if you did you would know exactly what I was feeling and why, without the need for me to be there”.

He was upset that I would challenge his claim. I tried to explain to him that since I wrote those 10 Level’s I knew exactly what I meant and thought that it was as clear as I could make them in the format presented, a simple listing.

I also stated that these were not meant as achievement goals. Also, that you will find with spouses, twins, siblings, best friends, you will be probably on the slightly upper end, but with the rest of the world you will be on the lower side of the Levels. That this is perfectly `normal’ and `natural’.

He slowly began to see what I was talking about. He also told me that these levels in certain groups were being touted as Goals and such. That saddened me. But human nature being what it is, was not surprised.

Also another case in point, a similar friend also touted to me about being a LEVEL 10 Empath, as well. That this was their natural Level all the time with everyone. I was a little shocked by this, in that I was aware that someone in their home was going through some rather serious emotional trauma and was working hard to keep this from them. (The rest of their world knew this person was VERY UPSET.) They did finally find out, by a secondary source.

I calmly responded to them, you are not a Level 10, because if you were, you would have known about the upset going on in your own home, without it coming via a secondary source.

The fact that this person claimed to be empath was rather a surprise, because they didn’t even pick up on the normal 5 senses of clues, let alone being in the same rooms at time with this person and never once felt, sensed or picked up on the emotional trauma going on. Yes there was a serious emotional issue going on that I was well aware of at the time, in this person.

For them to claim a LEVEL 10 Empath “status” as their normal state was a statement of nothing more then `ego’. They were clueless visually, empathically and other wise. Sorry this discredited the Level 10 “status”.

Status being the point of this post: The Levels are NOT STATUS `points’, `goals’ or otherwise, they are simply a breaking point to help people understand who they are and where they MIGHT be. (Be careful where you put yourself, you just might be called on it!) And your STATUS may come crashing down!

Please folks use the 10 Level posts in the spirit and intent they were meant to be. Please, let’s curb the human tendency to `ego’ them and be level with them, please?

Respectfully: Jerry

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