How to Control Your Mind and Emotions

By Christel Broederlow

My Grandmother taught my Mum, who in turn taught me when I was growing up, that it is important to be mindful by using our thoughts wisely, for every thought will come to manifest in one form or another.  Do not waste time creating negative scenario’s in your mind unless you want to have that experience come to fruition.

“Think it and it shall come to pass”.

If we all truly embrace the depth of this simple lesson, we would be far more mindful of what thoughts we hold and play with rather recklessly and without a second thought (pun intended) in what we are actually doing and instead only allow thoughts that enhance our potential to walk gently throughout our lifetime.

We need only look at people who power through life in an uplifting way to acknowledge they are incredibly focused, they give attention to detail in their mind, they see clearly achieving peace, harmony, success, positive results and ultimately it comes to pass and they experience in their physical reality what they initially created in their mind.

We do this subconsciously in some areas of our life, wanting a new job, career, education, to buy an outfit, a car, house, holiday or a toy for a child, it doesn’t have to be big.  Think about what you have put out into the Universe and how it started in your mind, think about the undeniable focus you gave it (whatever it was), how it felt as you created the thought, how determined and focused you were and with the knowledge that nothing was going to get in your way.  And most importantly how ultimately it came to fruition.

Take that same method that you are now conscious of and apply it to stressful and intense situations, stay focused and be vigilant in the use of your thoughts and instead of allowing it to go off on a tangent YOU be in the drivers seat and control which direction you will go, if you want a peaceful outcome, ensure your thoughts are congruent (in harmony/flowing) with what you ultimately choose to experience.  Be committed to YOU, for only you have that ultimate power over your life and how you will live it knowing you are the Director of your life so make your life movie amazing and so you shall live it!

The choice is always ours when we know how to embrace it.

“Practice this and so it shall become”.

Christel Broederlow

© 2014 The Universal Empath 101

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