Empathy Origins

Fantasy or Fiction?

Fantasy or Fiction? TV and Cinema first introduced the term empath through the character Spock from Star Trek who had the ability to sense people’s emotions and intent and generate healing among other things. Many other TV series have followed suit over the years, however in reality empathy is far from fantasy or fiction and has its place firmly embedded in science, especially in the areas of psychology and neuroscience and is evident within spirituality, religion, politics and throughout every community across the globe with 98% of humanity experiencing varying degrees of empathy.  Empathy does not just occur in people as certain animals are known to display empathy such as cats, dogs, dolphins, whales and monkeys.

Some people however display stronger levels of empathy whereas their entire lives are dictated or guided by the power of empathy and are capable of not only sensing emotional energy in others but are adept at describing exactly what that person is feeling, they seem to have an uncanny ability to relate on a deep and meaningful level to what others are experiencing and can relay this with compassion and understanding and without judgment or bias. 

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