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The Universal Empath 101 website was originally created in 1998 by Christel Broederlow, the author of 'The Empath Reports 101' and '30 Traits of An Empath', to shed light and understanding towards empathy and to serve as a resource for all interested. This website is universal in that Empathy is inclusive of all beliefs, cultures and of humanity and creation itself. It serves as a hub of information to help promote understanding and appreciation towards this widely misunderstood innate (natural) ability.

Empathy affects every relationship we have and will ever have, it is evident both within and all around us by how we respond or react to outside influences.  Our lives are determined by our awareness and application of empathy therefore it is crucial that we embrace its teachings wholeheartedly as the future of humanity is dependent upon us doing so.

Let us start by defining empathy...

Empathy: n. 1. The ability to sense and/or understand emotion(s) from another person, animal, inanimate objects incorporating stimulation to any and or all of the senses (including the 6th Sense) without verbally being told and/or without obvious visual clues. 2. The ability to be sensitive and receptive to outside emotional stimuli. - adj. empathic or empathetic., v. to empathize

Empath: n. 1. A person who has the ability to experience empathy towards another person, and/or animate/inanimate objects, in part or from all of the above definition. 2. A person who is sensitive to the emotions in others.



Fantasy or Fiction?

Fantasy or Fiction? TV and Cinema first introduced the term empath through the character Spock from Star Trek who had the ability to sense people’s emotions and intent and generate healing among other things. Many other TV series have followed suit over the years, however in reality empathy is far from fantasy or fiction and has its place firmly embedded in science, especially in the areas of psychology and neuroscience and is evident within spirituality, religion, politics and throughout every community across the globe with 98% of humanity experiencing varying degrees of empathy.  Empathy does not just occur in people as certain animals are known to display empathy such as cats, dogs, dolphins, whales and monkeys.

Some people however display stronger levels of empathy whereas their entire lives are dictated or guided by the power of empathy and are capable of not only sensing emotional energy in others but are adept at describing exactly what that person is feeling, they seem to have an uncanny ability to relate on a deep and meaningful level to what others are experiencing and can relay this with compassion and understanding and without judgment or bias. 

Inherent within our DNA:

EMPATHY IS INNATE; it is inherent within our DNA and is naturally of us as we are born with empathy. Many factors can determine the level of development, from whom we descend (our family tree) to how we are nurtured and raised, the culture and traditions imparted to us, education, society, communities and even the country we live in and the people who influence us throughout our lifetime such as our family, friends, colleagues and even strangers, any or all of which or whom can have some bearing on how our empathy develops (or not).

Almost every relationship can be altered or enhanced through empathy and is determined by the level of understanding and awareness to what exactly is going on and just as many relationships can suffer when empathy is misunderstood and its true teachings aren't harnessed.  In these moderns times where increasing demands are placed upon us, very few (people) will be raised from birth and throughout with the knowledge of empathy being passed down, nor is it part of the curriculum in the majority of schools (bar a select few globally), or in general.  And yet in some indigenous cultures empathy is a natural part of life and is as evidently strong as it is today as it was hundreds of years ago.

Being an empath doesn't however guarantee that one has a great understanding of how empathy actually works, it can be quite the contrary and life can bring numerous hurdles in which to overcome especially where one is considered to be 'highly sensitive', or overly emotional.  An empath can take on-board the emotions of others without being conscious of doing so and mixed with their own emotions, life can become extremely confusing, overwhelming and burdensome (weighted down with emotions), it can lead to withdrawal, anxiety and addictions and be the catalyst in manifesting illnesses, diseases and mental and emotional disorders.  Learning how to harness ones empathy and the perception towards this is life-changing, liberating, healing and empowering. 

The greatest Leaders are born of Empathy

In the workplace it is now believed that 50% of staff turnover occurs at the management level where the lack of empathy is now known to be the major contributing factor.  Where team leaders do not show empathy towards team members possibly due to delivering a methodical and logical form of management training where all systems are measured and determined by outcomes in attaining goals and objectives and totally miss the ability to empathize naturally with the most important asset of the organization - its people, (employees, staff, team members) are all too often the most undervalued of them all. There are other reasons that can govern this including not ever receiving empathy training as an essential management skill, and or lacking empathy in the first instance.

Harness the Power of Empathy

We all have the ability to be sensitive to people and the things they say and do (or lack thereof) and to our environment, not just our immediate surroundings but also on a global scale for what occurs internationally can have a direct impact on our own livelihoods such as a global economic crisis.  Any manner of these can affect our emotions, thoughts and actions and dictate outcomes. 

Empathy is a key player in our survival skills, as we harness the power of empathy and adapt to its teachings with awareness our life's can be transformed in remarkable ways which can have a flow on effect to the individual, to family and friends, in the workplace and every other area of our lives.

Empathy gives us the truest sense of being connected on a deeper meaningful level with more than just ourselves. It instills a sense of community spirit, and makes us feel a part of the whole and allows us to build and participate in sincere and purposeful relationships and within the societies in which we live. On the individual level empathy teaches us about the energy of emotions and how it can empower and transform our very existence when we embrace its intricate teachings.

Questions about Empathy...

Have you ever wondered what is empathy?
What is the difference between empathy & sympathy?
Who is an empath?
What is the world like through the eyes of an empath?
Is empathy a physical occurrence or something spiritual, or perhaps a mentality, a state of mind and/or being?
Why do some consider empathy a blessing and yet others a curse?
What affect does empathy have on a person?
Does everyone have empathy?
Why are people with empathy considered highly sensitive or emotional?

These are just examples of questions that you can find answered throughout this website starting with...

The Empath Reports 101 which have been circulating since 1998 and read several million times the world over and is referred to for education, sporting clubs, martial arts, self-empowerment and well-being seminars, to management and business training etc., as well as used as a reference in varying books and websites. Click here

The Story of Empathy

No war is fought in Empathy
No child, nor person is maimed in Empathy
Relationships do not suffer in Empathy
Life is not sacrificed in Empathy
Money cannot buy Empathy, nor can it be traded
Empathy is not taught, therefore we suffer needlessly
When we embrace Empathy
Heaven will be on Earth

So to the journey begins...

Christel Broederlow

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Let us collectively strive to achieve a ripple effect of Empathy by uniting together, determined to learn, teach and share the wisdom of empathy to our loved ones, within our communities and internationally.  Collectively we really can make a positive difference for our children, grandchildren and the generations to come, through our deeds and the seeds of empathy that we sow today, they can potentially have a far more positive future.  Join me on a journey and sign up for the newsletter on the homepage for updates, write to me and tell me your story or what you, I, we can do together to help educate as many people as we can about Empathy.