Definition of Empathy

Definition of Empathy

Let us start by defining empathy…

Empathy: n. 1. The ability to sense and/or understand emotion(s) from another person, animal, inanimate objects incorporating stimulation to any and or all of the senses (including the 6th Sense) without verbally being told and/or without obvious visual clues. 2. The ability to be sensitive and receptive to outside emotional stimuli. – adj. empathic or empathetic., v. to empathize

Empath: n. 1. A person who has the ability to experience empathy towards another person, and/or animate/inanimate objects, in part or from all of the above definition. 2. A person who is sensitive to the emotions in others.

We can define empathy in so many ways, yet we cannot define the person, for each and every journey is an individual one that is shaped by the totality and combined energies of our life experiences and the emotions that spring forth from them and the perceptions that ultimately follow, we cannot have one without the other.  It is what we consciously choose to do with it that will determine outcomes as every aspect of self is governed by empathy, every single relationship we have, to life and to our goals, dreams and aspirations.  We are an ever evolving species if we allow ourselves to come into bloom and welcome what empathy has to teach us – and reach our full magnificent potential.

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